POM Safe Brand & Media Guidelines

We get it, you have your own style and we're good with that! We're sharing this as more of an inside view of how we approach styling anything we publish directly on our channels. We view our brand identity as a living breathing set of tools. Feel free to use, or not :)
Empowering a safer world.

Our Colors

These are the general colors we use.
Action Color 1

Action Color 2

Action Color 3

Basic Color 1

Basic Color 2

Basic Color 3

Background Color

Photos We Use and Love

We use available Creative Commons photos. Some of our favorites are here, with a bigger collection on Pexels.com. (We're also big fans of Unsplash.com).
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About POM Safe

Founded in 2013 by Andrew Leahy and Lukas Lampe. We are a small and innovative company based in Newark NJ focused on building products aimed at improving individual and workplace safety.
We recognize that our responsibility goes beyond our products and team. We are actively exploring ways to empower the voices who challenge all of us, of every background and place in the world to stand up for equality and acceptance for everyone, especially those at risk.

We have the opportunity to do our part in helping elevate the voices that need to be heard and just maybe, help educate and bring more people together.
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Emily, AJ and Lukas.