POM Safe Difference Makers

Recognizing people who are making a difference to make our world a safer place through leadership, inspiration and courage.

Our Mission

Working to empower a better world for all through personal safety, community and education.

About POM Safe

Founded in 2013 by Andrew Leahy and Lukas Lampe. We are a small and innovative company based in Newark NJ focused on building products aimed at improving individual and workplace safety.
We recognize that our responsibility goes beyond our products and team. We are actively exploring ways to empower the voices who challenge all of us, of every background and place in the world to stand up for equality and acceptance for everyone, especially those at risk.

We have the opportunity to do our part in helping elevate the voices that need to be heard and just maybe, help educate and bring more people together.
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Emily, AJ and Lukas.

About You

We're looking to partner with individuals who are working to make the world a better place. By sharing personal stories, helping others overcome challenges and being a positive voice for the continued push for equality for all walks of life. The empowered can help make our world a safer place.
You're Building Your Voice
You actively engage in your local community, groups or online via social media. You seek to share your perspectives and how we can better ourselves through safety, awareness and empathy.
You Believe In The Best In People
Simply put, not everyone believes in equality for all, or even appreciates injustices that are part of everyday life for many people. Together we will be a positive voice for those that need support and stand up for what's right.
You Know It Takes Persistence
Unfortunately, the world is not a safe place for many of us. There are those who don't believe in empathy, understanding or love for our fellow humans. We're in this for the long haul.

Difference Makers Benefits

Free POM Safe Device and Subscription
Every member of our Difference Makers program gets a complimentaty POM Safe Device with POM Response.
Featured Voice In Our Community
We're just starting out building our community that represent voices of every background, willing to stand up for what's right. We work with you to continue to bring new members, voices and perspectives together for constructive conversation and action.
Featured as a Difference Maker
As we build out content, videos and community conversation, we will highlight each of our Difference Makers, giving you a platform to expand your network and voice.
A True Partnership
We view this an equal partnership. We are a small team dedicated to improving our world by making it safer. We can't do that alone. We realize this is bigger than us, that this will take all us to overcome the challenges we face in society. Together, as a community, we can make a difference.
How Can We Make a Difference?

We Want to Help Those Pushing to Make a Difference. Join Us.